Monday, December 26, 2016


AYUMI BLOUSE is the CUSTOM PRINTED blouse specially made for Hanami Lovers. It is Limited Edition version which we will not restock this design again. It is only one time release which make AYUMI blouse become very special. We design it with love for lovely people out there. YES. It YOU who read this description.  
 AYUMI blouse was made from 2 different material which as MOSS CREPE & COMO CREPE material. AYUMI blouse have been designed to everyone that wear it look SLIM , TALL and even CONFIDENT . Nursing zip is also provided to make it BF friendly and wudu' friendly blouse.
A very special blouse that have 6 colors option and can be wore either as casual or formal attire. We have size from S up to XL. 

Harga normal : RM89
Harga YEAR END SALE : Hanya RM65 sahaja!!

Whatsapp "AYUMI" ke 010 901 8101

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